Questions and answers on BytePoints

All the information on how the unique Byte Points system works

How does the Byte Points system work?

It is a Points system designed to run on a 100% Blockchain infrastructure: Gobyte; providing all the legal and compliance guarantees to consumers and shops through our platform.

How does the Byte Points system ensure legal compliance?

The Byte Points system generates a closed loop within a public infrastructure. The Byte Points platform only accepts points generated by its consumers so that we can 100% guarantee the origin of these funds.

How does the price of Byte Points work?

The Byte Point system is based on Gobyte technology, with 1000 Byte Points being equivalent to 1 Gobyte. The price of Gobyte fluctuates in the free market and our system has no control over it. However, the use of our system favours continuous demand flows for Gobyte over time.

How is byte point demand generated in the system?

The Byte Points system generates buying pressure as every time a user earns a reward, they accumulate Byte Points in their mobile application. In other words, a continuous demand is generated and as our volume of users grows, this demand increases.

Is there pressure to sell Byte Points?

No. Users who have Byte Points, exchange their Byte Points for an actual discount at the retailer, so that the points are returned to the platform in exchange for an actual discount at the retailer.

What is the value of Byte Points?

Puntos Byte is able to give a real value to the points without the need to transform them into money, which is a major breakthrough in tokenisation systems. The Byte Points system guarantees real acceptance in shops by transferring a direct economic value to the tokens used as a means of payment: Byte Points.

Can users buy Byte Points directly on the platform?

No. On our platform users can only acquire Byte Points by providing business information (their shopping receipts) and obtaining a small financial compensation in the form of Byte Points as a means of payment. Byte Points is a loyalty system for businesses, not an exchange.

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